Migraine? Get rid of your headache with a ballpoint pen

If you get regular headaches, this tip will be worth gold. In most cases, all you need is a ballpoint pen to make that pounding pain disappear!

Headaches are not only annoying but in some cases, they can even be quite dangerous. When you get a pounding headache, most people’s first instinct is to take painkillers. But you shouldn’t take them all the time as this can also be dangerous.

There is an alternative to just taking a pill

Instead of taking medication for the pain, you can simply magic those annoying headaches away with this simple trick. And you don’t need much, just this everyday object in fact.

Pens are often lying around everywhere, be it at home or at work. It doesn’t actually matter whether you use a ballpoint pen or a pencil, but the most important thing is that the object is narrow, thin and hard.

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Cure your pounding headache with a ballpoint pen

Headaches are often brought on by stress because we often clench our teeth in these situations without even realising it. However, this can cause your jaw muscles to lock and stiffen, and headaches and migraines can follow as a result.

If this is the case, chewing on the end of your pen for a few minutes may help loosen up the muscles in your jaw and cheeks. By doing so, you could naturally relieve your pain in a short space of time so you won't have to resort to taking medication.

If you are suffering from a really bad migraine, this pen tip might not be as effective, but you could always give it a go coupled with a little rest and a cold washcloth.

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