How to protect yourself from getting sick on an aeroplane

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus paired with the seasonal flu makes it seem impossible to escape travel days sick-free. But the following tips may help to protect you from contracting germs!

Are you scared to travel now due to the ever-spreading coronavirus? It’s definitely frightening to think about, but you can work to protect yourself from getting sick, whether it be from the novel coronavirus or the seasonal flu, after flying.

First things first: if you think you have the coronavirus, go to the doctor to confirm if you have the virus and if you do, don’t travel! The world doesn’t need more cases than it already has.

Now, if you’re a passenger, it may be tough to avoid the worst-case scenario: a neighbour that constantly coughs and sniffles (or a crying baby). Instead of turning your volume up and damaging your ears, you can at least try to protect yourself first.

One of the best things you can do? Turn on the air vent and position it, so it blows air into your lap. It may help to keep airborne germs away from your face. Once you’re on the plane, it’s also best to avoid touching magazines, pillows, and blankets provided by the airline. Some of these items may not have been cleaned since the previous flight.

Another thing you can do is wipe down your armrest, table, TV screen, and basically anything you’ll be touching while flying. These areas may not have been cleaned as thoroughly as you would like to believe.

However, when you’re booking your flight, it’s best to choose a window seat. Sitting by the window keeps you from making a lot of contact with others. Most of the time, people with the window seat try to get up as little as possible to avoid disrupting their neighbours. We have more tips and tricks for you in our video!

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