Here's what would happen if you eat too many pistachios

Pistachios remain one of the most consumed foods by the British, but what would happen to our bodies if we decided to eat a lot of them all at once?

Everyone has their own little preference during apéritifs with friends, such as cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts. While they are usually accompanied by a small glass of alcohol, they taste much better if consumed individually.

But is this the case for pistachios? This Mediterranean dried fruit, with its unique colour, is also an ingredient that can be found almost everywhere. Discover what really happens if we consume a lot of them.

The benefits of pistachios

As with many nuts or dried fruits, the benefits of pistachios on the body are multiple. In addition to having a natural appetite suppressant effect, they have an important nutritional value according to Eat This Not That. Copper, vitamin B-6, phosphorus and even manganese are some of the nutritional elements present.

The HealthAdvice official says, the antioxidant effects found in these little green treats protect against the risk of potential cancer and heart disease.

This dried fruit is also part of the diet of athletes and in particular, those who lift to gain muscle. With approximately 19% of its composition being protein, pistachios are a great source of energy.

Effects of eating excess pistachios

But like any food item, if you eat too much of it, it will not be without consequences. Health Digest informs us of the effects that overconsumption of this dry fruit can have.

Some pistachios tend to be saltier than others. And too much salt can quickly turn into a nightmare for our body. Too much sodium (salt) can cause hypertension and then weight gain soon comes into play.

Thus, to prevent consuming too much salt, we must limit the amount of pistachios we consume.

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