Having trouble sleeping? It may be because of your astrological sign

After changing positions at least ten times and resorting to the game of counting sheep, you still can't sleep. You're torturing your mind by asking yourself question after question. But what if your astrological sign was the cause? Discover this list of 4 major insomniacs of the zodiac in our video... Yup, these signs overthink and lose sleep because of it! Does this sound like you? Then you're probably in this video!

Having a bad night directly impacts your day. Between fatigue, lack of concentration, nervousness or irritability, insomnia can drive us crazy but can also affect our loved ones.

While almost a third of UK citizens admit to struggling with insomnia, some people may be more prone to this sleep disorder. A real nightmare that four astrological signs experience regularly.

These astrological signs have a hard time falling asleep. It's impossible for them to fall into the arms of Morpheus without answering questions that remained unresolved from the day done by, unless, of course, they are already thinking about the next day and all the things they have to do. Yet sleeping crucial in order to feel good and be energized...

Sit tight and watch this video about the insomniacs of the zodiac...

Not sleeping enough may have a serious impact on your health Not sleeping enough may have a serious impact on your health