Good News Pasta Fans - This Study Suggests You're Healthier Than The Rest

The favourite meal of students has no impact on weight gain, and could actually be good for your health, good news right?

Eating pasta can quickly become boring, but it does not cost much, and on top of that it's super simple and quick to cook! So, we are often tempted to cook up some pasta when we do not know what to eat, except that we think that all that starch is not very good for our health. But in fact, those who eat pasta may be in better shape than those who don’t.

It's science that says so!

The study that asserts this thesis was presented at the British Obesity Society, it concludes that those who eat pasta often were healthier than those who deprive themselves of starch. This study identifies several pieces of research conducted between 2001 and 2012, and noted that pasta eaters consume less saturated fat and added sugars than those who don't eat pasta, since a complete pasta dish covers 20% of our fibre needs.

"The study shows that those who eat pasta have a more balanced diet than those who do not eat pasta, they can quickly reach fullness, and help to better assimilate fruits, vegetables, lean meats and the fish,” says nutritionist Diane Welland. So, it seems the key to a balanced diet is eating pasta!

Check out the video above for more!

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