Giving Birth In Hospital: What You Should Know
Giving Birth In Hospital: What You Should Know

Giving Birth In Hospital: What You Should Know

Pregnant and still not decided where you want to give birth? We bring you all the advantages and disadvantages of having a hospital birth.

Everything You Need To Know About Giving Birth At A Hospital

1. Advantages: There are many benefits to giving birth in the hospital. It is a medical environment, which is very reassuring in case of problems. If this is your first delivery, you will be guided and accompanied by a trained team who will be ready to answer all of your questions. In addition, pre- and postpartum care is 100% provided by the NHS. You can visit several maternity hospitals to choose the best one for you. Remember to ask all the questions that concern you during your visits to avoid any surprises.

2. Disadvantages of hospital delivery: There are few disadvantages to giving birth in hospital. The most significant disadvantage is the lack of comfort, especially in large hospitals. There are few single rooms, so you may not have as much privacy as you would like. Except in case of problems, the duration of the hospitalisation after delivery is very short (from 48 hours to 3 days on average), so you will quickly be back home!

Hospitals cannot guarantee that the obstetrician who follows you during your pregnancy will be there on the day of your delivery. Do not worry, staff are highly competent and guarantee good care, even if they only know you by your file.

3. Alternatives to hospital delivery: More and more mothers are choosing the comfort of a private clinic to give birth. These are smaller and more family-like. The options for care can be attractive: water births, hypnosis, music. However, private clinics can be very expensive.

Some parents decide to have a home birth. Still often criticised by the medical profession, it remains strongly inadvisable for at-risk pregnancies! In addition, if you want an epidural, you obviously must be surrounded by a medical team and it will therefore be impossible at home. Whatever your final choice, it is you who is giving birth and therefore you who knows what is best for you and your baby.

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