Ginger tea could actually be very dangerous for women

Especially in winter, lots of people drink ginger tea to ward off colds and strengthen their immune system. But some people make mistakes when preparing ginger tea, and one of these mistakes could prove to be really dangerous for women!

Especially in winter, everyone is talking about gingerand it was even named the medicinal plant of the year in 2018. Its natural healing properties help people with cold symptoms such as a runny nose and sore throat, strengthens the immune system and relieves nausea. And yet, you should be careful. This drink should only be drunk in moderation and not for everything!

Preparation error

Although there are countless recipes circulating the internet about how to prepare ginger tea, most people still make one crucial mistake, as eco topologist Uwe Knop explained on Fitbook. Most people cut the root into pieces that are too big and then scald them with hot water in the cup:

‘The rule is that the more cut surface there is, the more ‘ginger taste’ can release into the tea. And this is where the valuable spicy substances are hidden. Therefore, it is best to brew more thin slices and let the whole thing steep.’

Caution is advised

While ginger can help combat nausea, the root can, however, cause stomach problems for people who suffer from a sensitive stomach. This medicinal plant stimulates the stomach to produce acid and could even lead to heartburn if consumed excessively.

Ginger also has a blood-thinning effect and so you should not consume ginger - even as tea - before undergoing an operation. This medicinal plant can also be dangerous for women who are on their period. By diluting the blood, the pain associated with menstrual cramps increases as does the amount of blood the body loses.

It is also strongly advised not to consume ginger if you are pregnant. This is because the sharpness of the root encourages labour and can lead to premature birth. However, consuming a small amount is generally not considered dangerous.

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