Experts warn against taking ibuprofen because of these harmful side effects

Many people turn to ibuprofen for pain relief. However, frequent use of the drug could have serious health consequences.

The British National Medical Research Council warns of possible side effects of ibuprofen. It recommends checking whether it can be replaced with other drugs. We'll go through which situations make the intake problematic.

Important consequences to note

Ibuprofen, according to studies, can cause gastrointestinal difficulties and quadruple the risk of cardiovascular problems in persons over 40. It's especially dangerous because you can buy the medicine without a prescription.

Gunnar Gislason, a world-renowned scientist, says:

By allowing these drugs to be bought without a prescription and without advice or restrictions, you give the public the impression that they need to be safe.

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Underlying problems

Certain 'drugs are related with cardiovascular risks,' according to previous studies. The medicine ibuprofen should also be used with caution.

Die Welt quotes from the European Heart Journal:

The likelihood of cardiac arrest increased by 50 percent when taking diclofenac compared to patients who did not take painkillers. With ibuprofen, the risk was 31 percent higher.

The findings suggest that the medications are not always safe and should be used with extreme caution, with an emphasis on the fact that overdosing should never occur.

What is important to remember (as with all medicines) the product description should be thoroughly examined before use. When taking it, men in particular should read it attentively, experts suggest.

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