Experts Say That Having A Lie-In Is Actually Good For Your Well-Being

When you haven't been fully rested, it's not always good for your health if you are forcing yourself to wake up in morning. Also, if your sleep schedules tend to change drastically during the weekdays and weekends then you could be suffering from social jet lag.

Social jet lag is when there is a shift in your sleep schedule due to social obligations which can be very bad for you. Scientific research shows that it can negatively impact your mental health.

What's the reason behind this? For starters, if you aren't getting enough sleep then it can impact your everyday brain processes. Plus, forcing your body and your biological clock to wake up increases your chances of possibly getting a heart attack, having high cholesterol, obesity, or diabetes.

What can you do to prevent this? Well, whilst jobs and kids might prevent us from being able to have more lie-ins, there are other ways to make sure you're getting enough sleep.

Limit your exposure to artificial light which disrupts your internal clock but above all go to bed as soon as you start to feel tired. This is the best way to avoid feeling super tired throughout the day.

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