Eating this fruit at night will help you sleep better

Forget everything you've heard about eating kiwis in the morning! This fruit could be the key to a good night's sleep. Allow us to fill you in!

Some fruits are usually only eaten at breakfast. This is the case when it comes to berries, citrus fruits, bananas, but also kiwis. Have you heard that eating a kiwi in the morning is good for you? This is true!

However, it turns out that this small exotic fruit is just as beneficial when eaten in the evening as a dessert. Here's why!

Kiwis can help you sleep better

Kiwis are a miracle fruit! This fruit contains vitamin C and is full of serotonin, a hormone that soothes, relaxes, and helps you fall asleep! In fact, a study conducted by the Taiwanese Taipei Medical University claims that kiwis can make it 35% easier to fall asleep and increase the duration of sleep by 15%. Not insignificant figures!

Kiwis are also rich in fibre. They are perfect for boosting digestion and preventing you from falling asleep feeling heavy and bloated.

If you have problems falling asleep, kiwis could be your new ally.

Our tips for sleeping better

There are many little tricks that can help you sleep better. Many people find it difficult to fall asleep and benefit from a good night's sleep. It is important to know that many factors can disturb your rest, such as stress, poor bedding, or an overly rich meal based on fatty or stimulating products such as red meat.

These little tricks can all help you sleep like a baby:

  • Eat a light meal in the evening: lean proteins, cooked vegetables, a dessert with little sugar
  • Air out your room every day to refresh it
  • Make sure you have good bedding: your mattress should be changed every 10 years
  • Avoid electronic devices in the bedroom
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time
  • Avoid screens before going to sleep
  • Give yourself a moment of calm before going to sleep: reading, meditation, yoga, a massage…
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