Eating these foods will make you age much faster

As you can imagine, food plays quite a big role in how quickly your skin ages. Here is a list of foods to avoid if you don’t want your skin to sag as quickly.

Ageing is completely normal! However, there are some foods that make your skin age quicker and so we suggest you stay away from them.

According to dietitian Tamara Prountseva and as reported by the Russian media source Argoumenty i Pakty, processed foods ‘that contain at least five additives such as colourings, flavourings, preservatives and thickening agents’, accelerate the ageing of your skin.

What products should you avoid?

Here are some of the foods that Prountseva highly advises that you avoid or cut out entirely if you want your skin to stay tighter and radiant for longer:

Sausages, semi-finished products, pastries, dairy desserts, and soft drinks.

She also added:

Processed foods can neutralise complex carbohydrates. They can reattach excess glucose and thus regulate blood sugar levels.

What should you eat?

Prountseva also advises eating mainly fresh fruit and vegetables every day, cereals, durum wheat pasta as well as foods rich in proteins such as cheese, fish, meat, cottage cheese, egg yolk, soy and nuts.

Furthermore, getting regular exercise and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is also strongly advised.

You could also use vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil to keep yourself hydrated. Remember, this is the key!

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