Doctors want some COVID prevention measures to remain after July 19

The government is planning to lift all legal restrictions by July 19 but doctors say some, such as the use of face masks ought to stay in place.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is asking that some Covid measures should stay in place beyond July 19 when restrictions are expected to be lifted.

The doctors’ union is calling for the continuous use of face masks in public and the introduction of new standards for ventilation.

It says some of these measures, when sustained, would be crucial to protecting the NHS, health and education as England continues to record more cases of the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hoping to go ahead with plans to end the nationwide lockdown on July 19.

Sensible and Cautious Measures Still Required

According to Public Health England, coronavirus cases increased by 74% over previous week’s figures with the UK recording 27,125 new cases on Friday. The BMA says, the number of Covid-positive people admitted to hospitals in England has risen by 55% over the last week.

Council chair of the British Medical Association, Dr Chaand Nagpaul advised that ‘sensible, cautious’ measures should remain in place to help reduce the spread of new variants.

As case numbers continue to rise at an alarming rate due to the rapid transmission of the Delta variant and an increase in people mixing with one another, it makes no sense to remove restrictions in their entirety in just over two weeks' time...The promise was to make decisions based on data and not dates... ministers must not now simply disregard the most recent, damning numbers by rushing into meeting their new 19 July deadline.

Targeted Measures

The doctors’ union is proposing some targeted measures be kept in place beyond the July 19 timeline. They include the continuous wearing of face masks in enclosed public spaces, such as shops and on public transport.

The association is also encouraging the government to improve public messaging and education on how the virus spreads and the importance of good ventilation.

On the vaccination exercise, Dr Nagpaul urged ministers not to throw away the progress made thus far.

Ministers are considering allowing fully jabbed people to avoid isolation and testing if exposed to Covid.

Dr. Nagpaul more time was needed to roll out jabs, adding the country was

still some way from protecting enough of the population.

Latest government figures show that in the UK, 45 million people - 85.5% of the adult vaccination - have now received one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. More than 33 million people - 63.1% - have been double jabbed.

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