Child's Teeth Destroyed And Here's The Shocking Reason Why

The over-consumption of sugary drinks across the United States and New Zealand have had devasting effects on young children and now we're in the midst of an epidemic on the grounds of severely decayed teeth.

Because of sugary drinks

You might find it difficult to believe what you see in these photos, and yet, they are completely real. Sugar attacks your teeth in quite a striking and irreversible way.

This child drank nothing but sugary drinks ever since he was old enough to drink something other than milk. Absolutely nothing else. This is a catastrophe that has several health implications, and not just for your teeth.

The sugar in drinks leads to tooth decay and particularly affects baby teeth when it is drunk at an early age. The problem is that this continues to impact your adult teeth. These lesions start to wear away the enamel and then start on the dentin. This continues, in some cases until the tooth completely disappears. For children, the incisors are the most affected since they are the first teeth to come into contact with the sugary drinks. Difficult to not make the connection.

Sugar is everywhere

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to avoid sugar in our daily lives. Sugary drinks, ready meals, canned vegetables and biscuits: industries tend to add sugar to products that shouldn’t contain it. It is even found in low-fat products. Although we know about the consequences this has on the brain, liver and the heart, we often tend to forget that our teeth can also be affected.

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