Bad News: Sleeping Next To Someone Who Snores Could Reduce Your Life Expectancy

Looks like you finally have a reason to wake up your noisy partner: scientists have recently proven that sleeping with someone who snores could actually have a direct impact on your long-term health.

We know - being in a relationship with someone who snores is hard. It tends to be a common argument because you end up being woken up in the middle of the night by their snoring. You’ve tried everything, earplugs, nudging them to try and get them to roll over or change position, holding their nose for a few seconds… but nothing seems to work.

An astonishing study

Well, it’s worth knowing that unfortunately, that’s not where your problems end. In addition to merely disrupting your sleep and making your nights feel unbearable and endless, your partner’s snoring could actually reduce your life expectancy!

The New York Post has released an article that probably won’t be of much comfort to a lot of people in this position. According to their study, sleeping with someone who snores can negatively affect both your physical and mental health.

The study was conducted by researchers at Queen’s University in Canada and the results were fairly conclusive. Victims of snoring apparently suffer from more hearing problems since their ears are, of course, very close to the snorer.

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A reduced life expectancy

So yes, you could develop hearing problems, but unfortunately that’s not all. Sleeping with someone who snores or just being subjected to loud noise on a regular basis can apparently cause a person’s life expectancy to decline.

As it turns out, if you have to put up with regular loud noise, like that made by construction sites for example, the risk of contracting heart disease tends to be higher. In addition to this, sleeping next to your snoring loved one can also increase your stress and anxiety levels.

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