Are women who have a lot of sex smarter than others?

If sex is good for our health, is it also good for our brains? A study reveals surprising results in women who have more regular sexual activity.

Nowadays, sexual intercourse is valued and has the advantage of offering several benefits. It has been proven that repeated intercourse promotes well-being and can even be similar to sport, burning many calories. But what does sex say about our personality? It could even be that for women, multiple intimate sessions could have surprising effects on the brain. Here's how it works.

Sex and the brain

Atypical positions, amusing accessories, unusual places... Today, to increase sexual pleasure tenfold, many solutions are available. Popularised, sex is now the subject of hundreds of daily articles to remove the remaining taboo which, until a few years ago, was still very present. While knowledge about how to have a little more fun with your partner is now commonplace, researchers are also increasingly interested in what sex says about us.

In a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists Andrea J. J. Knop, Stephanie Spengler, Carsten Bogler and Carina Forste, among others, looked at the impact of sex on the brains of twenty women. Entitled Sensory-Tactile Functional Mapping and Use-Associated Structural Variation of the Human Female Genital Representation Field, the study reveals what the effects of clitoral stimulation are.

Are women who have a lot of sex smarter than others? AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN / Paramount Picture Studios

A thicker somatosensory cortex

The test, which alternates between stimulation and pause,uses FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans to show that the area of the somatosensory cortex, the area of arousal, is activated during sex.

This is the area where the body's information from the five senses arrives. This is where we know, for example, whether we are hot, cold, or in pain somewhere. The researchers found that women who were more sexually active had a thicker and more developed somatosensory cortex than others. They would then feel things better.

However, we must qualify this consequence and ask ourselves, like Medium, whether sexual intercourse caused this thickness of this area of the brain or the opposite. However, it has not been claimed, shown, or proven that women who have less or no sex are less intelligent than others.

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