How To Tell Your Allergies From COVID Symptoms?
How To Tell Your Allergies From COVID Symptoms?
How To Tell Your Allergies From COVID Symptoms?
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Allergies or COVID? Here's how to differentiate between the two

By David STEIN

In this time of global pandemics, but also of allergies, it can be difficult to set apart symptoms. In order not to be mistaken, here are some tips.

While fairer weather should not be long in coming, and temperatures are rising,allergies are also about to make a comeback.

Hay fever, cat/dog hair, dust, flowers: sneezing is not about to die down despite a vaccine! But then, how to tell allergic symptoms from those of COVID-19? Because yes, they resemble one another a fair bit. Here are all the deets.

An expert's opinion

The allergist Édouard Sève explained the differences in symptoms:

For allergies, it's going to be more about sneezing, itching, irritated eyes, throat, and nose, but also red eyes, which weep, runny noses

He added:

For the COVID-19, it'll mostly be about fevers, body aches and intense fatigue.

Finally, people who are sensitive to allergies in general, tend to get the same allergenic symptoms every spring, so it is quite normal to feel these inconveniences at this time, and not to fear coronavirus too much. Of course, if you have any doubts about your symptoms, don't hesitate to call a doctor.

How to limit allergies?

In order to limit your allergies as much as possible, you must first thoroughly clean your flat's interior.

For this purpose, it is advisable to clean the filters of your air conditioners, your cooktop hood or your ventilation ducts, to dust regularly, to avoid carpets and not to open the windows too often. The goal? To prevent allergens from settling inside and get into your breathing airspace.

Good luck!

More information in our video at the top of the article.

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