A Toddler Had A Terrible Pain In His Ear And Then His Mother Discovered The Frightening Reason Why

This mother was extremely worried because her little boy was screaming in pain. When she finally found out why, she knew she had to take immediate action…

In the middle of the night, a young woman from Shenzhen City in China woke up to the sound of her two-year-old son screaming. She immediately rushed to his room to see her toddler repeatedly hitting the side of his head in pain. The Daily Star reported that when she looked closer, she discovered the frightening reason why he was in pain.

This is a horrible and dangerous discovery to make. Once small animals manage to find their way into a human ear, it can be difficult for them to get out again. Some literally nest there while others desperately look for a way out.

Mother makes a horrifying discovery in her son’s ear

As blood started to flow out of the boy’s ear, the young mother immediately took a closer look at his ear and what she found made her freeze. A cockroach had crawled into the two-ear-old’s ear and had gotten so deeply stuck in his ear canal that his mother was unable to remove the insect without medical assistance.

The toddler and this little intruder were immediately taken to the University Hospital in Shenzhen where he underwent a thorough examination. Doctors found that the toddler’s eardrum has been damaged by the cockroach after it had been chewing on it, which had caused the bleeding.

The boy left the hospital without any permanent damage

The six-millimetre-long insect was finally removed alive from the little patient’s auditory canal using a pair of tweezers. Apparently, the cockroach had chosen the toddler’s ear as a warm and dry place for it to sleep.

For the boy, this horrible incident was over quickly, and he managed to get off quite lightly. Shortly after, he was able to leave the hospital without any permanent damage.

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