8 unusual facts about orgasms

You thought you knew everything about orgasms... but these 8 facts will prove you wrong!

8 unusual facts about orgasms
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As the Holy Grail to attain when in bed, an orgasm is no easy feat for many. According to a study carried out by sex toy brand Lelo in 2019, only 18% of women have ever reached orgasm during penetrative sex, compared to 7% of women who have been left wanting.

In search of orgasm

But how can one reach orgasm? Sexologists are unanimous: you have to let go of the pressure and enjoy the moment. As we are not all equal when it comes to letting go, some unusual facts about orgasms could help.

Some people don't know that they have had an orgasm: You will feel sharp jolts or spasms of pleasure, without really understanding what is happening to your body.

Orgasms can make you cry: The secretion of specific neuromediators during sex (dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins...) have an effect on our emotions. In some cases, this leads to an uncontrollable crying fit.

Orgasms make some women ejaculate: During sex, some women can secrete cyprine, also called ‘female ejaculate,’ in large quantities. This is known as ‘squirting.’

Orgasm without arousal: Yes, a man can have an orgasm without any external arousal during the day as well. He can have an erection and ejaculate without having been stimulated at all. This is normal.

Orgasms can kill: In reality, only 0.6% of heart attacks occur during sex. No need to panic!

Women reach orgasm less often than men: The orgasmic gap between men and women is very real. 1 in 4 women (26%) say they did not have an orgasm during their last sexual encounter, compared to 14% of men, according to a study published in 2019.

An orgasm without semen: Some people, especially those who practice yoga, can control their perineum and abdominal breathing. In this way, they can have an orgasm without ejaculating sperm.

An orgasm can be a transformative experience: In general, at the moment of orgasm you feel an intense heat in your pelvis, tingling in your feet (sometimes), and a feeling of intoxication... in other words, a real transformative experience!

What is an orgasm?

The word orgasm comes from the Greek word ‘orgasmos,’ which means ‘excitement, swelling.’ This ‘excitement’ and ‘swelling’ is made possible by the stimulation of the erogenous zones. Whether it is with the fingers, the tongue, or anything else that comes to mind, this phase of arousal will result in the dilation of the erectile tissue of the sexual organs.