5 things you should never do before having sex

By following them carefully, you can considerably reduce the risk of infections, irritations and other minor inconveniences...

We all know it's important to urinate after sex to avoid the risk of infections. But did you know that there are many other tricks that we aren't taught in school? Here are the little things you should avoid doing just before sex:

Taking antihistamines

Anti-allergy drugs tend to dry out your mucous membranes at the same time as they relieve the nasal cavities. Of course, it doesn't stop at the nose, the drying can go as far as your intimate mucous membranes... Which increases the risk of irritation.

Eating too spicy food

Hot or spicy foods can cause bloating and gas. And if that's not enough, spice particles on your hands, lips or in your mouth can irritate your partner's genitals.

Brushing your teeth

You're going to say, what does sex have to do with brushing your teeth? Well, especially with an electric toothbrush, brushing your teeth can cause micro-lesions and small bleeding in your gums. This makes your mouth more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.


It is recommended not to shave immediately before sex. Shaving makes the skin sensitive and friction can irritate hair follicles and cause spots to erupt. Worse, microlesions expose the skin to potential infections, such as HPV.

Using chocolate as foreplay

Using chocolate during foreplay may be one of your fantasies, but you need to stay alert. Some doctors say it can cause yeast infections. They also advise against using any food containing sugar as a lubricant, because yeast thrives in sugar. Trust professional products instead!

With all these tips, no more chances of getting infections this way!

4 things you should never put inside your vagina 4 things you should never put inside your vagina