5 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of A Cold Quickly

Find out how to quickly get rid of your cold with these natural solutions.

You can wear several layers of clothes, a hat, wrap yourself in a scarf, and still find it hard to get rid of that annoying winter cold. Instead of running to the pharmacy and buying a bunch of medication, try these natural remedies.

1. Do inhalations

To unclog the nose and promote nasal discharge, there is nothing better than inhalations. They are also very useful to relieve congestion in a tight throat. To do this, heat water, pour it into a bowl and add two drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Take a deep breath. The heat combined with the purifying properties of eucalyptus should help you breathe easier.

2. Blow your nose with clean tissues

If you are used to blowing your nose several times with the same tissue, you should stop right away. Used tissues contain all the bacteria that your body rejects. If you use the same tissue, you promote the growth of bacteria.

3. Wash your hands

Microbes are not only in your body but also on your hands. Between all the nose-blowing and sneezing, it's hard to keep your hands clean. Wash them as often as possible so as not to contaminate yourself, but especially others!

4. Go for essential oils

To avoid taking certain drugs with undesirable side effects, essential oils are an excellent alternative. They can be applied to the chest with a neutral oil by massaging to decongest the nose, breathed in with an inhalation, and consumed with 3 drops on a spoon of honey to disinfect the body. The winning trio? Peppermint, eucalyptus and oregano!

5. Echinacea flower infusion

An echinacea infusion is an ideal way to stop a cold. This plant has very interesting properties since it strengthens the immune system. It can, therefore, be consumed as an infusion before, during and after colds.

If after 3 days the symptoms have not gone away, make an appointment with your doctor to help you get better.

Common cold: 3 natural remedies that will help you fight the illness Common cold: 3 natural remedies that will help you fight the illness