4 tips to exercise properly in the summer heatwave

As the heatwaves sweep the world, exercise enthusiasts must take precautions in order to save their bodies from overheating.

Although it’s good to get vitamin D from the sun, however, staying in the heat for too long can cause damage to our bodies. Especially if we are exercising. The extra exertion on the body in combination with the summer heat can cause overheating which might result in a heat stroke. Hence, you should take the following measures while exercising, or performing any physically exerting activity in the sun.

Hydration: the golden rule for doing sport during a heatwave

The key to staying fit during this unconventional period is to stay well hydrated. As per Healthline, it is advisable to drink between half a litre and a litre of water every thirty minutes. When you sweat during summers, it is actually the body losing water, hence, it is essential to have an insulated water bottle available.

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Do it early or do it late

The sun will always be stronger than the human body. Therefore, avoid doing exercise during the peak time of the afternoon, that is from 12 pm to 4 pm. The rays are much more intense and concentrated and therefore, more harmful. The early morning or the evening around dusk are better times to produce a long-lasting effort as the temperatures will be much more acceptable.

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Sports during heatwaves: listen to your body

When the heatwave hits us hard, it is not uncommon to feel what is commonly known as ‘heat stroke’. This clear warning that your body is suffering can quickly turn into a much more serious problem. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), once the body temperature rises above 40°C, exertion becomes overwhelming and muscles can be affected among other symptoms as well.

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Take it easy in hot weather

If you do sport during a heatwave, try not to overdo it. Especially since training during a heatwave does not have the same benefits as regular training. It would lead to faster dehydration and drain the body of energy very quickly.

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Apply sunscreen whenever stepping out in the sun so as to protect the skin from harsh sun rays. Wear protective accessories like a cap or a hat to provide shade to your head. In addition to this, dress in light-coloured clothes, as they absorb less heat, whereas black clothes attract it.

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