3 revolting signs you have bedbugs and how to prevent them

Bed Bugs have a way of getting into your house without you realising it. Here’s how to know if your sheets have bedbugs.

If you have had a bedbug infestation, you know it’s the worst. They may be small, oval, brownish insects that look like apple seeds, but they can cause a lot of harm. If you have bed bugs, their bites are most likely to be found in areas that are directly in contact with bed sheets or the mattress. According to a report published in the Mirror, here’s how you can know and prevent bedbug infestation.

Signs to look out for

Here are the three significant signs you need to look out for to know if you have bed bugs:


Does your bedsheet have reddish or rust-like tiny stains? If yes, then it’s a sign of bedbugs or crushed bedbugs. Bed Bugs feed on our blood to survive, so these stains on your nightclothes or bed sheets could either be your blood or crushed bed bug stains.

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A significant sign of bed bug infestation is a musty, damp odour similar to that of mouldy clothing. This musty odour would come from your furniture, bed sheet or mattress. The stronger the smell, the stronger the infestation.

Exoskeleton, eggs or excrement

The three primary things that any insect would leave behind are eggs, exoskeleton and excrement. Bedbugs are white, small in size and usually in clusters. Their excrement would be small brown droppings that smear with the rub of water, so you’ll know for sure if it’s from a bedbug. Bed Bug skin around your sleeping area could also be a sign you have bed bugs.

Ways to prevent bedbug infestation

While bedbug infestation is something that can happen anytime, there are a few ways through which you can prevent it from happening.

Clean space

Make your bedroom clutter-free. The fewer objects you have in your room, the fewer places bedbugs have to cling to or use to remain undetected.

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Clean your mattress

Not only is it good hygiene but cleaning your mattress regularly also helps prevent bedbugs. The ideal time to clean your mattress is every three months.

Weekly cleaning

While it is essential to clean your mattress every three months, some things demand an inspection every week. For instance,

  • Air your mattress weekly to let it breathe, get rid of bed bugs and dust mites and also make it last longer.
  • Wash your beddings every week and do not use the same bed sheet for more than a week.
  • Specific areas that may attract bed bugs should be vacuumed thoroughly every week.

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