This Halloween Makeup Look Is Perfect For McDonald's Fans

To all the fans of fast food and more precisely those who love McDonald’s, a Youtuber has made a makeup tutorial especially for you for Halloween.

To all those who want to have an original makeup for this Halloween’s parties, this makeup is for you!

It is quite an easy thing to get this look: all you need is to make a quick stop at the nearest fast food place. Cup in hand, the Youtuber cuts the end of her drink’s straw then sets it aside. After having studied the perfect location to create the illusion of the pierced mouth, ‘Simple Symphony’ aka Ophélie, takes her two silicone products that she taps above her mouth. Then she sticks down her straw piece and applies the product again to fix everything in place. To create a realistic skin effect, she then adds a matifying powder and adds cream pigments according to her complexion. Brush in hand, she applies a few touches of fake blood on the straw for a terrifying result.

McDonald’s anyone?

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