Get Kylie Jenner's Stunning Halloween Look By Watching This Youtuber's Tutorial

For Halloween, Kylie Jenner has appeared in the video of an American YouTuber. He had fun by making her up as a Halloween skeleton. We’ll let you discover the video.

This time it’s not for her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics that the young star is on camera. For the purpose of this special Halloween makeup video, she became the muse of the American YouTuber James Charles. A good friend of the young woman, he is a global star in the beauty sphere as he has no less than 9 millions subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan spent nearly 20 minutes getting her makeup done by the YouTuber to achieve the perfect makeup look. For the celebrations on the 31st of October, Kylie Jenner wants to look terrifying whilst obviously staying glamorous, and that’s what she has done. In fact, she doesn’t sport a bloody makeup look, and she wears only a pink smoky eye. Only the bottom part of her face is made up with Halloween colours. He first started by drawing the outline of the skeleton with white makeup, then with black eyeliner. Next he filled it in with grey makeup with dark purple shades. Gorgeous!

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