Toasted Coconut Hair Is The Hottest New Trend And This Is How To Wear It

Since we are now in the thick of winter, this is THE hair trend that will take you back to those sunny days. Toasted Coconut Hair is blowing up the web and is appearing on people’s heads all over.

It is impossible to miss this! For a few months now, Toasted Coconut Hair has literally lit up the web. Whether you are blonde or brunette, this newcomer to the kingdom of hair colour will perfectly fit your style!

What is Toasted Coconut?

Toasted Coconut Hair is gaining more and more followers. This hair colour, just like ombré, plays on contrast. In general, this technique requires that you keep your roots dark while lightening the length of the hair towards a more icy blonde. When asked about it, Ami Rexroth, a colourist, confirms that ‘There is a rich and dark root, which melts gently in the hair lengths and ends in blonde.’

A trendy technique but also very practical for those who wish to avoid root maintenance.

A precise technique

To achieve these results, the hairdresser starts by dyeing the brown hair a darker shade to give it depth and so that the blonde tips are more vibrant. Then, blonde highlights are applied to the lengths, thanks to a technique which fuses the colours, to avoid any dividing lines. Finally, a patina is used to unify everything and add contrast.

If you are already a brunette or have a rather dark base, this colouring is for you, and you will be able to avoid having it retouched regularly. If you have blonde hair, don’t panic! The colourist will first apply a darker colour and then the highlights.

Check out the video for more tips and tricks on how to rock this trend!

This New Hair Trend Is All the Rage on Instagram! This New Hair Trend Is All the Rage on Instagram!