These Quick Hairstyles Are Perfect For Rushed Mornings

These Quick Hairstyles Are Perfect For Rushed Mornings

Either your alarm didn’t go off or you had a bad night’s sleep, there are those mornings where nothing goes right. But instead of leaving the house with just a messy bun on your head, we've selected a few great hairstyles that you can do in just a few minutes.

Wheat braid

Much more stylish than the classic braid, the wheat braid is the best way to fix your hair without too much trouble. To do this, simply separate your hair in two. Then grab two locks which you will alternate one after the other so that they cross each other, and so on. The important thing is to always cross the locks on top of each other so that it stays even.

Twisted half-ponytail

To keep the top of your face free while keeping the length of the hair loose, the best option is the half-ponytail. Too classic for you? We have the solution! Opt for the twisted half-ponytail. To do this, attach two small locks together on each side of your head, then, create a small space through which you push the attached hair. Repeat this twice. Once the twist is done, join the two locks behind you head using an elastic band. And voila!So, no more excuses for having messy hair!

Rob Mitchell
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