The Internet Is Going Wild For This New Hair Colour

The Internet Is Going Wild For This New Hair Colour

The ‘grey hair’ search term has made Pinterest blow up over the last six months. And it looks like it will be the colour that everyone is wearing in 2019!

While many women (and men!) seek to camouflage their white hair, some want to have exactly the opposite effect. Popularised by the biggest celebs in recent years, the ‘salt and pepper’ look has evolved according to the trends and has appeared on stars from Kylie Jenner to Rihanna. But in 2019, it could well dethrone all other hair colours.

According to Pinterest, the search term ‘grey hair’ has increased by 879% over the last six months. That's why we believe there will be a big return to this trend in the months to come. But, know before going for grey hair, a certain level of maintenance is to be expected and you'll need to invest in a purple shampoo to avoid your hair yellowing. 

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So, ready to give it a try?

Check out our video above for everything you need to know about this trend! 

Rob Mitchell
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