The Illuminated Brunette Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

The illuminated brunette colour trend or ‘morena iluminada’ as it was originally called, is a new hair trend that has become a huge success all across the world. Check out Instagram and search for the hashtags #morenailuminada or #morenasiluminadas and you’ll be blown away!

Forget tie dying, ombré hair or smoky hair… the new trend with an original and suggestive name comes direct from Brazil. Created by a well-known hairdresser, this trend lightens dark brown hair and gives it lovely dark blonde highlights without losing its natural darker colour.

True brunettes have been reluctant to give up their natural colour for a while, out of fear that they will lose their natural darkness that so many people who aren’t born with it are jealous of. With the new illuminated brunette, brunettes can finally be more original and lighten their hair with golden highlights. And judging by the fact that so many Latin American women, who are so proud and loyal to their long dark locks, have taken the leap by going for this new hairstyle, the result must be worth it!

The idea behind illuminated brunette is to make it seem, using subtle touches of blonde, that their hair is lit from within. The secret to this lovely blend of colours? The two contrasting shades that are used in the mix.

The illuminated brunette trend is becoming really popular and even stars and influencers are rushing to their hair salons to try it out!

Ready to take the leap?

Check out the video above for more illuminated brunette inspo!

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