If You've Got Curly Hair, You Need To Try Curl Plopping

If You've Got Curly Hair, You Need To Try Curl Plopping

Do you have curly or frizzy hair and yet the term ‘curl plopping’ is not familiar to you? Don’t panic, we’ll enlighten you on this new hair trend, which will definitely change your life.

This trend for curly hair originated in England a few years ago. Developed on the English forum NaturallyCurly's, it took a while for it to become widespread. Since then, curl plopping, which is simply curling the hair in a natural way, has been integrated into the beauty routine of many.

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Most people dry their hair with a towel, a hair dryer or just leave it to air dry. These are effective techniques for drying, but which tend to break curls. Curl plopping allows you to remedy this problem and at the same time skip the hair dryer.

Concretely, to adopt the trend, all you need is a simple T-shirt! After washing your hair, get a very large cotton T-shirt. Place your still wet hair in the middle of the flat T-shirt, then wrap all your hair up with it. With the excess fabric around your head, make twists so that all your hair is well inside. After fifteen to twenty minutes, your hair will be dry so you can apply your daily care and admire the results!

Check out the video above to find out how you can make curl plopping work for you! 

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