How To Choose The Best Heated Hair Brush
How To Choose The Best Heated Hair Brush

How To Choose The Best Heated Hair Brush

This is a revolutionary product for the beauty queens out there! New heated hair brushes that will dry and help you style your hair in no time. Before rushing to the store to buy one, Ohmymag has the secret for finding the best heated brush.

How To Choose The Best Heated Hair Brush

1. The different types of heated brushes: There are several different models that you will need to learn about before buying the right brush. Take a look at the examples below.

-The heated brush: It acts on the same principle as a straightener, it heats but does not blow air. It allows you to comb your dry or wet hair into the shape you desire.

-The blower brush: It heats and blows air like a hair dryer. It allows you to create different hairstyles whilst drying your hair.

-The rotating blower brush: It heats and dries by blowing hot air and thanks to its double rotation it allows you to curl and style your hair inwards or outwards.

2. Accessories: Whichever model you go for, make sure you get one with plenty of accessories if you want to change up your look often. Some brushes allow you to make looser or tighter curls, whilst other round brushes will help you give different looks to your lengths.

3. Hair type: All heated brushes are not suitable for all types of hair. Be sure to take this into account so you do not end up with the wrong brush. If you have thin hair then go for a fine brush to better shape your hairstyles. For thicker hair, a wide brush is ideal for working more easily.

4. Quality: With prices ranging from £15 to over £150 (or more), brushes are not all of equal quality. Depending on your budget, aim for models that rise quite high in heat, around 1000 watts (to tame the thickest hair). Choose an ionic function that will bring suppleness and shine to the hair as well as an automatic shutdown function for more security.

5. Practical brush: Beyond the simple use, your heated brush shouldn't clutter up your bathroom. Some models offer a storage bag or even a hook system to be able to hang your brush in the morning before styling. The important thing is to check that it is equipped with an immediate cooling system so you can put it away immediately after use.

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