How The Lunar Calendar Impacts Your Hair

How The Lunar Calendar Impacts Your Hair

Could paying attention to the lunar calendar really help you on the path to beautiful and healthy hair? Ohmymag shares all the unexpected benefits of the different phases of the moon and how it could impact your lovely mane.

How The Moon Can Affect Your Hair 

1. The rising moon and split ends: The perfect time to deal with split ends and damaged hair is when the moon is rising. The rising (or ascending) moon is at the beginning of the moon's cycle when it climbs in the sky. How can you know? You must complete this process for two days in a row -  choose a landmark (a steeple or a roof of a building) then point out the moon. Next, observe if the moon is higher or lower than the day before: if it is higher then it is in the rising phase. This is a good time to repair your hair by refreshing the ends and getting a trim.

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2. The crescent moon boosts thickness: The crescent moon doesn't just look pretty in the sky, it also signifies that it's the perfect moment to strengthen and thicken your hair.  In the rising phase, the crescent moon forms a backwards "C" shape. This crescent is preferable to that of the descending phase (which forms a "C") as it works best on hair growth. It is also the ideal moment to use a nourishing mask because your hair will be more receptive to the care.

3. The full moon for growth: There are certain hairdressers who will offer special night-time haircuts on full moon nights. This is because the full moon is known to act on the hair, especially if you want it to grow faster. Like a real booster, the full moon is the perfect time to get a new cut that will refresh your length and accelerate hair growth. It's also the perfect time to renew your colour because the pigments will sink in better in this phase.

4. The waning moon slows down hair growth: It might seem odd to use the waning moon to slow hair growth and yet, who wouldn't want to make their fresh new trim last longer? If you want to try a new hairstyle and you don't want to have to go back to the hairdresser too quickly, choose to make an appointment at the end of the moon's cycle.

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