Here's How You Can Fix A Bad Haircut In Three Simple Steps

Rough ends, asymmetrical or even bangs that are so short that you look like you’ve been a victim of a serial hairdresser? But let us tell you, a bad haircut isn’t such a bad thing. Luckily, we have a few tips on how to fix a bad haircut.

After having bawled your eyes out, it’s useless just grabbing a pair of scissors. Of course, you want to fix the awful haircut, but more likely than not you’re just going to make it worse. So instead of panicking, take a deep breath, and think about the situation.

Tip no1. Consider wearing an accessory

A headscarf, a headband, you could use and abuse accessories to hide your hair and hide your misery.

Tip no2. Reinvent your style

A loose or high bun, a braid, a half-bun, this is the perfect moment to try twisting your hair every which way so that it isn’t so flat, and your bad haircut isn’t so obvious to everyone. Work on your hair skills! If your hair really is so bad straight, why not try curling it?

Tip no3. Give your hair a spa day

You could try using special hair products that are quite yeast-based. Otherwise, apply castor oil hair masks regularly from the roots to the ends to make your hair grow faster.

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