Blorange: The New Shade Of Blonde That’s All The Rage

Are you lacking inspiration for your next hair appointment? Well, stop thinking yourself into oblivion and try the hottest colour of the moment - blorange. This shade is sure to give your blonde hair that little something extra.

There are undeniably countless shades of blonde out there!

Ashy, honey or even platinum, the possible options are endless. But as it turns out, the latest trend of 2019 is a warm pastel tint on blonde hair - blorange.

This pastel hair colour combines blonde with light tints of pink and orange. And we’re not talking about rose gold here, but rather a warm pastel tint. For an optimal result, it works best with wavy hairstyles. These curls and waves will give your hair more depth and will highlight the colour even more.

As for the intensity, you can adjust the shade depending on how subtle or vibrant you want it to be. The darker your original blonde is, the more the warmer the overall tone! So - tempted?

This New Hair Trend Is All the Rage on Instagram! This New Hair Trend Is All the Rage on Instagram!