10 Cute Ways To Rock A Half-Ponytail

10 Cute Ways To Rock A Half-Ponytail

Tired of always having loose hair? The half-ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for you, as you face is clear and your hair is in the open air: a good deal!

Annoyed with braids, ponytails and buns... The half-ponytail is for you!

Whether your hair is long or short, this hairstyle fits all lengths. No need to have a mane of hair; short hair can also be good for shaping the half-ponytail. Whether casual or stylish, it can be worn in different ways: bohemian for a cool afternoon, or even more elegant with the top of the head looking crimped and curly - maybe for a party.

With curly or straight hair, it's possible to weave a half-ponytail, curl it, or even transform it into a half-bun or a loose bun.

And if you lack inspiration on how to style it, we have selected 10 different ways to wear one. So, don't hesitate to try out a nice half-ponytail tomorrow!

Sophie West
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