Insecure About Her Body, This Lady Overcame It All Thanks To Her Husband

Insecure About Her Body, This Lady Overcame It All Thanks To Her Husband

Jasmine Owens is a mother like any other. And like many women she suffers from many insecurities. After a life full of self-hate and being self-conscious about the way she looked, this is how she finally learned to love her body and became comfortable in her own skin.

‘For years, my physical appearance has kept me from enjoying my life with my husband and children, I even ended up isolating myself from the world.’

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This was the life Jasmine Owens lived a few years ago. But even though at first Jasmine couldn’t accept herself for who she was, even to the point where she couldn’t understand why her husband loved her, everything changed in the end. Today, her Instagram has become a source of inspiration for many Internet users.

Successful photo

The starting point? A photo of her in a swimsuit alongside her muscly husband that got 70,000 likes. ‘Over time, this man loved every curve, roll and stretch mark on my body, I never understood why, how he could like something imperfect, how could such a well-built man like someone like me? I don’t have a flat stomach. Instead it moves whenever I start to run’.

Jasmine admits that her change in mind-set and ability to love herself and her body came from her husband. She said ‘But I must admit that if my husband didn’t encourage me to be comfortable in my own skin and show myself off to the world, I would still be trapped’.

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