25 Inspiring Girl Power Tattoo Ideas

These kick-ass tattoo ideas are perfect for honouring all the inspirational women in your life!

Very often when we want to get a tattoo, it’s to convey a certain message. Through a phrase or a quote, a drawing or a significant symbol, we want to ink our skin so our thoughts can be with us forever.

While every woman should be proud of herself, her body no matter how big or small she may be, her shape or the colour of her skin, some are a lot more worried about the image they give off than others. So, having a ‘girl power’ mantra on your skin every day could be THE solution to remind you that being a woman isn’t a battle, but something to be proud of. So, if you’re still not sure about what symbol you should get, here’s 25 ideas to inspire you to show off who you are. Inspiring quotes or even feminist designs, there is something for everyone here. We’ll let you have a browse.

17 Cute And Meaningful Ideas For Your First Tattoo
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17 Cute And Meaningful Ideas For Your First Tattoo

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