16 Marvellous Ideas To Upcyle Your Old Furniture

Don't worry about spending extra money on furniture, instead upcycle your old ones. You can easily turn something boring into something beautiful. Take a look at our photos for brilliant ideas that will inspire you to upcycle more often.

16 Marvellous Ideas To Upcyle Your Old Furniture
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16 Marvellous Ideas To Upcyle Your Old Furniture

Ideas To Upcycle Your Old Furniture

1. Broken lawn rack: Don't throw away a broken law rack, instead remove the lower metal half, mount it on your garage, and use it to hang garden tools.

2. Skateboard: Use an old skateboard as a plant holder. Attach some ropes to the end and mount it on your wall.

3. Ladles: Use your old ladles as a candle holder. It's perfect to create a romantic and glowing atmosphere.

4. Ladder: Hang an old ladder from the ceiling and add fun garden plants. Or you can hang it from the ceiling in your bedroom and use it as a clothes rack.

5. Mattress pad: Take your old mattress pad and use it to make fun napping station in the living room.

6. Foosball rod: Mount your old foosball rod on the wall and use it as a hanger for various items like jewellery.

7. Ropes: Save your old ropes and turn them into sleeping pads for your pets.

8. Hangers: Make your own hallway coat rack out of old wooden clothes hangers. It will give your room a rustic look.

9. Clothes peg: Use clothes pegs as a way to hang your handkerchief or light scarves.

10. Metal bins: Hang your old bins on your bathroom wall and store all your toilet paper and towels. Add more colours so it can stand out!

11. Cardboard boxes: Save your cardboard boxes and turn them into beautiful baskets by sticking twill rope to it.

12. Wooden chairs: Use an old chair as a wall organiser for hanging clothes, hats, and accessories.