Young People Are Now Fascinated By 90s Fashion - Thanks To Friends

Every episode of Friends is finally back on Netflix. Recent enthusiasm for the sitcom confirms that 90s fashion fascinates newer generations who are discovering the entire classic sitcom for the first time. On social networks, the neverending stream of good reviews confirms that the group of friends led by Jennifer Aniston has never been so trendy.

90s fashion has been back for some time and is seducing new generations, thanks in part to Friends. Launched in 1994, the sitcom has recently become a true source of fashion inspiration: sweatshirts, crop-tops, high-waisted jeans or dungarees that made the sitcom appeal even more to new generations than to its original fans.

"I want all the outfits in Friends... They are so cute! I challenge you to say otherwise" and "I would like the person in charge of costumes on the set of Friends to dress me every day for the rest of my life, please" are two of the many rave reviews that can be read on social networks about the costumes in the sitcom.

Vintage style from the 90s has never been so hot. Some Internet users, nevertheless, have also pointed out the "horrible shoes" that have unfortunately not survived the test of time, and already weren't the sitcom's greatest asset at the time of its broadcast.

Check out the video above for some of Friends' greatest ever looks!

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