There's A Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Friends Circulating Online - And It Actually Makes Some Sense

What if there was a secret plot behind "Friends"? Such is a radio host's crazy theory, which has been spreading on the Internet...

"Wouldn't it be crazy to discover that Friends, the entire series, was actually just staged by Starbucks, to subtly manipulate public opinion in the US? To change habits and behaviours, to get people away from bars (promoted by Cheers) and bring them back to cafés (Friends)?"

Alex Baker, a radio host who is at the heart of current events

This is the message posted on Twitter by Alex Baker. The radio host assures that it could actually be a real marketing move on Starbucks' part. They would have used the series to pass on subliminal messages intended to guide viewers towards the brand!

His proof? Alex Baker says that Rachel's last name is "Green" and that green is the main color of the Starbucks logo. He then adds that Rachel's has the same hairdo (in early seasons) as the woman on the brand's logo.

Rather weak evidence, but enough to spread this crazy theory on the Internet!

Check out the video above for more evidence...

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