The Creator Of Friends Explains Why It Will Never Come Back

This news will break the hearts of Friends fans all around the world: the sitcom will never see the light of day again... Except in reruns!

While Jennifer Aniston firmly believes in a Friends reboot, the creator of the sitcom does not share this opinion at all. According to her, it's a very bad idea, and she explains why.

A reboot? That would be a terrible mistake!

Marta Kauffman, the creator of Friends, is fighting for the sitcom not to return to our screens with new episodes. Interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, she explains why a new season or a feature film would be very bad ideas. "First of all, the sitcom is focused on a time in your life where your friends are your family, but this is no longer the case (...) All we would do is bring these 6 actors together, but the heart of the sitcom would not be there," she said.

She then adds that a sequel would not be consistent at all with the end of the series, since remember, the characters separate and move to completely different cities to start their own families. In addition, Marta Kauffman is not sure that a sequel would really help: "I don't know what good it could do us. The sitcom is doing very well - with reruns - people love it. A reboot could only be disappointing. It would be called 'The one where everyone is disappointed'."

To be fair, she's got a point.

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