Friends Fans Have Just Noticed A Creepy Detail In This Classic Episode

Never mind Rachel's awkward ordeal, fans have spotted something much more sinister...

If you don't know how popular renowned sitcom Friends is to this day then you've surely had to be living under a rock for the last 15 years amidst avid fans talking about missed details, discoveries and cast reunions left, right and centre. And this time is no different - except, this time this comes with a spooky twist. This spooky little detail actually shows up in the least expected episode out of a whopping 236 episodes: 'The one with Rachel's new dress' in season 4 of the show.

If you don't quite remember the goings-on in this episode of the series (ahem, shame on you), the spooky little feature appears when Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) plans a romantic night in where she swoons over her new love interest, Josh-oo-aah (Tate Donovan). When things go a little haywire for Josh as a result of alektorophobia, a fear of chickens and other feathered creatures (yes, it has a name), the pair quickly move over to Josh's parents' luxurious family home where Rachel looks to wow her date in a sexy slip-dress.

Of course, it doesn't go quite as planned when Josh's parents come home and Rachel tries to pass off her embarrassment for a clever excuse, explaining: "See, I work in fashion and this is a real dress. They’re wearing it in Milan… A part of my job is to wear the clothes and then I see how people respond and then I report back to my superiors at Bloomingdales. And obviously in this case, I’m going to report back 'USA, not ready...'".

So, how exactly does this 'spooky' detail come into this? As it turns out, isn't even an explanation for it as of yet, which makes it all the spookier.

Think you know Friends well enough? Check out the video to see if you've spotted it!

There's A Dirty Detail In This Friends Episode That You've Probably Never Noticed There's A Dirty Detail In This Friends Episode That You've Probably Never Noticed