We Finally Know What Is In McDonald’s Big Mac! The Ingredients Will Surprise You

Are you a fan of the famous Big Mac? Keep reading to find out what exactly is in this legendary burger... The answer may surprise you!

If you like fast food, more specifically McDonald's food, you will without a doubt have heard of their famous Big Mac. But it turns out this legendary burger as well as its famous secret sauce, is made in quite a specific way.

What is in a Big Mac?

If you’re wondering whether the Big Macis hiding anything new the answer is: NO. And that’s the good news. A Big Mac is very simple to make and consists of just 2 patties from European farms, their famous burger sauce, a little lettuce, cheddar cheese, a few onions, gherkin and a sesame seed burger bun.

However, Big Macs also have food additives such as:

  • Calcium propionate E282
  • E270 lactic acid
  • E211 sodium benzoate

The fast-food company has also said on their website:

Every additive in Europe is evaluated but he EFSA. Their use is authorised by the European Commission after evaluation and after demonstrating they are completely safe. They present no health risks for consumers.

Big Mac sauce in the UK?

The brand announced on Monday 8th June 2020 that they would be launching a limited edition version of their famous Big Mac sauce that you can purchase as an extra. From now, the sauce used in the world-famous burger will also be available to buy for boxes of 4, 6 and 9 Chicken Nuggets.

Now you know everything about your favourite burger!

The Secret to McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Revealed The Secret to McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Revealed