Twix Launches Brand New ‘Winter Spice’ Flavour

A brand new flavour of Twix has been launched in time for the festive season. The new bar is called Twix Winter Spice and is flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg and is available now from supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations. And the reviews so far are really good...

Twix Launches Brand New ‘Winter Spice’ Flavour
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Move over Pumpkin Spice, there’s a new seasonal flavour in town! Mars have announced that a new flavour of Twix is now available–Winter Spice. The limited edition treat is being launched in time for the festive season and will be flavoured with Christmassy spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Mars Wrigley UK Marketing Director Kerry Cavanaugh said:

Leaves are falling and the nights are getting longer – which can mean only one thing… Christmas is coming! Twix Winter Spice is packed full of festive flavour and it’s the perfect treat to tuck into as you sit in front of the fire and get ready for Santa’s arrival.

Available in convenience stores, supermarkets, Wilkinson’s and petrol stations, Twix fans who’ve already tested the new chocolate biscuit bar have been giving it rave reviews. One wrote on Instagram ‘Its lovely tastes like cinnamon’ whilst another said that the Winter Spice bar ‘tastes like the smell of a Christmas candle.’

Meanwhile, over on Twitter the debate is raging as to whether a Twix is actually a chocolate bar or a chocolate biscuit. Pointless presenter Richard Osman started it, tweeting:

Look, I take absolutely no pleasure in saying this, but I have been quiet for long enough. A Twix is not a chocolate bar, it is a chocolate biscuit.

The official Twix account were quick to reply, saying:

Richard. This is an important issue. And important issues require a considered response. We will be conferring with our Head of Twix in the morning and will be making a statement in due course. Thank you for your patience.

So–Team Biscuit or Team Chocolate Bar?