These Are The Dishes You Should Avoid When Going Out For A Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day is fast approaching... these are the dishes to avoid on the big night!

Love and food don't always mix, especially on Valentine's Day.

Although more and more people are celebrating the day of love with a delicious home-cooked meal rather than in a restaurant, one has to be strategic about the choice of dish. To treat your other half, some specialities are to be preferred, and others to be avoided. Here are some of them.

1. Dishes that cause bloating

Forget about spicy dishes based on chickpeas or spicy chilli pepper. Indian specialities or tacos are real love-killers for a romantic dinner. Without calling into question the gustative qualities of these dishes, one could do without the bloating that comes with them! So forget about chilli con carne, curries or lentil dahls.

2. Dishes that cause bad breath

Chinese dishes, cheeses and kebabs are to be banned if you want keep your breath fresh throughout the evening! Forget fatty sauces, strong cheeses and some seafood.

3. Dishes that don’t look glamorous to eat

You are being challenged to maintain your dignity by eating a hamburger, noodle soup or hot dog. Between the tomato sliding down the burger, the salad leaf stuck between your teeth and the sauce dripping down your face... These specialities are real dangers on a night out. Also, avoid dishes based on sesame seeds or poppy seeds.

Instead go for dishes like a nice pasta, or a Japanese speciality with a side of ginger. Fine, elegant, and stimulating!

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