These are the 7 Biggest Mistakes You're Making with Your Sourdough

With more time on our hands, cultivating sourdough starters and making the perfect bread are the new trends sweeping the kitchen. However, many people are making crucial mistakes that could ruin their bread baking adventures.

Sourdough is by far the best bread. Not only is it nutritious, but it is also easy to digest and it's also a prebiotic making it the most delicious and sensible bread to make.

But, people everywhere have been making these 7 mistakes that have been ruining both their sourdough and their starter.

7. Trying recipes that are too hard: Making bread can be tricky and many people reach for a challenge that is was beyond their capabilities. It's best to start off your bread-making skills with someeasy recipes such as a beer bread

6. Not keeping your starter warm enough: Sourdough starters need to be kept warm to be able to properly eat and grow. If you notice that your starter hasn't been rising, try wrapping it in some towels or place it in a sunny patch or in the hot water cupboard.

Keep your starter warm! Getty Images

5. Not feeding your starter enough: To make a good sourdough you need to have a well-fed starter. While you may feed your sourdough baby once a day it actually might be better to feed it twice or three times a day. However, if you don't plan on baking any time soon its completely safe to stop feeding and store your starter in the fridge.

4. Not using up your 'discard': Maintaining a sourdough starter means you may have to discard some of the mix. For many people that means throwing it away but it can actually be used to make many things like pancakes and muffins.

Watch the video above to see the other three biggest sourdough mistakes

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