These are the 3 mistakes we all make when cooking meat

These three mistakes are to be avoided when it comes to cooking meat!

A ground beef patty is always a good option for accompanying pasta, rice, or vegetables. We usually take the patty out of its packaging, put it in a hot pan with a little oil, add salt, prick it with a fork to flip it over and it's ready. You’ll be surprised to find out however that these are all missteps! Here are the mistakes to avoid when cooking a piece of meat.

Using a non-stick pan

We all have the tendency to use a non-stick pan when it comes to cooking meat, but this is a mistake since non-stick pans are not practical for browning meat. This means the meat will not be perfectly seared and will tend to let out a lot of water, making it drier and less tender.

It is best to choose a cast iron pan or a grill pan: the meat will then be perfectly cooked!

A grill pan for meat cooked to perfection Getty Images

Cooking the meat while it is still cold

It is often said that salt will make the meat tougher, but this is not true. What changes its texture is the difference in temperature. You should consider taking the meat out 30 minutes to 1 hour before cooking it to avoid the cold meat/hot pan contrast, rather than cooking the meat while it is still cold.

Sticking a fork in the meat to flip it over

When searing meat, there is a tendency to use a fork in order to flip it over. However, this little habit is not ideal for keeping meat tender and juicy. On the contrary, by pricking the meat, the juice escapes and you end up with a very tough piece of meat. It is preferable to use a spatula or tongs.

Next time, your meat will be perfectly cooked!

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