These 8 delicious pasta sauces are perfect to accompany penne

Check out these pasta sauces that are perfect with penne!

If you've ever travelled to Italy, you should know that each pasta shape goes with its own delicious sauce. In fact, not all sauces compliment all pasta shapes in the same way. Of course, this doesn't change much when it comes to the taste of the pasta, but it optimises the experience.

Penne and penne rigate, what's the difference?

This is the case when it comes to penne pasta. Two varieties exist: the classic penne, with a smooth surface, and penne rigate, which is fluted. The former are well suited to sauces with chunks, which can then make their way inside the tube, while the latter have the advantage of having a better grip on the sauce thanks to their fluted surface.

The best sauces to accompany your penne

Although all sauces are delicious with penne, some recipes are particularly compatible with this pasta shape.

Penne with vodka

Have you ever heard of vodka pasta? This original and creamy sauce recipe with tomatoes and vodka is perfect with penne. Indeed, this smooth sauce will make its way nicely inside the penne. You will be sure to get mouthfuls of sauce and pasta, and not just plain pasta.

Penne with truffle cream

A truffle cream sauce is ideal for penne, especially penne with a smooth surface. To save money while treating yourself, buy a truffle-based sauce and dilute it with cream. Delicious!

Penne with Bolognese sauce

Bolognese sauce goes well with many pasta dishes, including penne. If the chunks of meat are small enough, the penne will absorb the sauce perfectly. It is best to use penne rigate for this one.

Penne with pesto

Pesto sauce is ideal for penne because it will cover the surface of the pasta, but it will also go inside the tube. You'll love it!

Penne with gorgonzola

Gorgonzola sauce is a very creamy sauce that goes well with penne, rigate or not. To add a little crunch, crush a few walnuts and add them to the sauce.

Penne with tomato and sausage

A bit like Bolognese sauce, a tomato and sausage sauce is very suitable way to accompany penne.

Penne with carbonara

Carbonara is one of the best sauces to go with penne. The cream will go inside the pasta, while coating it at the same time. For a perfect pasta dish, add thin bits of bacon.

Penne with arrabbiata

Like all tomato sauces, arrabbiata sauce is perfect with penne. Add some spices! You can also mix canned tuna into your sauce.

For your penne to be perfect, you will need to cook it in a large, well-salted pot of water. Cook the pasta until it is al dente, so that they will hold well when the sauce is added.

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