Hotel Chocolat issues urgent recall over allergy information

High-street chocolate brand Hotel Chocolat has issued a warning to consumers that some of their chocolates contain allergens that aren’t labelled.

Hotel Chocolat are recalling their Summer Desserts Sleekster after it was discovered that some boxes may feature incorrect allergy labelling. The product contains wheat, eggs, walnuts and hazelnuts, meaning that anyone with an allergy to any of these ingredients should not eat these chocolates.

Which chocolates are affected?

The Summer Desserts Sleekster comes in a pink, holographic box and contains 365g of chocolates. The recall affects all batches with a best-before date of 31 October 2021. Hotel Chocolat have asked customers who may have bought these chocolates as a gift to let the recipient know as soon as possible.

What should I do if I bought these chocolates?

If you bought these chocolates and have an allergy to wheat, eggs, hazelnuts or walnuts, you should not eat them. If you bought these chocolates online, you do not need to do anything. Hotel Chocolat will automatically refund any purchases of the Summer Desserts Sleekster. Refunds may take up to 7 days to appear on your bank statement.

If you bought a box in-store, you can return it to your nearest Hotel Chocolat. You can either bring any remaining packaging or proof of purchase to the shop to get your refund directly. Due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions, you have up to three months to return this box of chocolates for a refund.

Hotel Chocolat advised that whilst the allergens may be missing from the outer packaging, the ‘menu’ found inside the box of chocolates does feature the correct allergy information and can be used as a guide for allergy-sufferers. If you need any further information, you can contact

Food alert: supermarkets recall products over safety issues Food alert: supermarkets recall products over safety issues