Here Are 5 Tips For Making Homemade Bread

These are 5 tips to make your homemade bread a success!

Here Are 5 Tips For Making Homemade Bread
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Making homemade bread is very satisfying, as well as delicious: there's nothing better than the smell of bread coming out of the oven. But sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into it, you're not guaranteed to succeed! Here are 5 tips to make your homemade bread a success!

1. The right baking powder

The ideal way to have a nice, well-risen bread is to use the right baking powder: the best is to use either fresh leaven, fresh yeast or sourdough powder. Forget dehydrated baker's yeast, which will not do the job.

2. The right flour

Forget type 45 flour, which is only used for pastry, and use type 65 flour as a minimum. Be careful not to use flour type 150 which does not rise, because it is low in gluten. Mix 300 g of fine flour (T65 or T80) with 200 g of T100, T110 or T130 flour.

3. Mineral water

Using tap water, which is too hard, can make it difficult for your bread to rise. Prefer mineral water!

4. Kneading

To have a well-leavened bread, there is no secret: you have to knead vigorously! Using a food processor, knead for 4 minutes at low speed, then 6 minutes at medium speed. If you knead by hand, rely on your muscles!

5. Moisture

To get a nice crust, you need moisture. Two tips: apply water with a brush to your leavened bread just before putting it in the oven, then put a ramekin filled with water throughout the baking process to keep the temperature warm and humid: this is essential for a nice brown and crispy crust.