Food recall: These Asda kids meals could contain a choking hazard

Asda has recalled two of their kids’ ready meals after discovering that they may contain pieces of blue rubber.

Two Asda kids’ ready meals are being recalled following the discovery that some packs may contain pieces of blue rubber. These constitute a choking hazard which makes the product unsafe for consumption. Asda are recalling the potentially affected batches of the products as a precautionary measure.

Which products are affected?

The products affected by the recall are Asda Little Kids Pasta Bolognese (150g pack, Use by dates 04 March 2021 and 05 March 2021) and Asda Little Kids Spaghetti Bolognese (300g pack, Use by date 05 March 2021). Only products with these specific date codes are affected by the product recall.

Although the use by dates on these meals have already expired, customers are being encouraged to check that they don’t have any of the affected products in their freezers since the ready meals are suitable for freezing. If you find you have packs with any of the affected date codes, you should not eat them.

Instead, you can return them to your closest Asda store for a full refund. There is no need to show your receipt in order to receive the refund. Asda say they are ‘very sorry for any inconvenience caused’ and told customers who require any further information that they can contact Customer Relations on 0800 952 0101.

What is a food recall?

A food recall is when customers are asked to return a food product for a refund because it may not be safe to eat. This can occur when a contamination risk is identified, for example if pieces of plastic, metal or rubber are found inside food. Food recalls can also occur when allergy information is incorrectly displayed, as this can pose a health risk to people with allergies.

Food recall: this baby food could contain choking hazard Food recall: this baby food could contain choking hazard